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‘Untitled’ 2023

Synthetic polymer paint, ink, crayon, chalk, mixed media on 8 panels. 8 panels at 1500H x 750mm. Total artwork 1500H x 6000mm.

‘New Guernica’ 2021

Synthetic polymer paint, acrylic pastel, oil stick, vinyl and spray paint on wood. Dimensions variable.

'Delirium Tremens' 2022

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas. 560 x 200 cm.

'Triple Vodka as a Young Alcoholic' 2022

Synthetic polymer ink via UV flatbed on canvas, 239 x 183 cm.

'Self Portrait' 2022

Oil on canvas. 46 x 31 cm

'Untitled 2' 2022

Acrylic, mixed media on billboard canvas. 80 x 120 cm

‘Night Terrors’ 2020

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, temporary fencing, vinyl, live Sea Monkeys, customised robotic feeders, looped video and miscellaneous tie downs. 200 x 200 x 20 cm, variable